Thursday, 29 September 2016

'TODAY' Newspaper Comment and Analysis 29th September 2016

"Why Singapore Needs To Slow Down To Go Fast"

This article by Kenneth Goh highlights the morass the country is stuck in.

"If this frantic pace in Singaporean children’s lives persists and becomes more pervasive, I am concerned that the nation will have a workforce skilled at performing production work in the knowledge economy, but will still lack visionaries, creative thinkers and collaborators — the main drivers of a knowledge economy." 

Its already happened. There is no space for creativity.

Most of the article speaks for itself. But at the end he adds in a line presumably to make his article more palatable for the social engineers running this society:

"To be clear, I am not advocating for reduced workloads, but for reconfiguring the flow and allocation of work to protect these transition periods that are vital to performing knowledge work." 

The size of the workload is also symptomatic of the problem.

The high number of suicides for people 10-19 is a symptom of the insanity of the education system.

This is a dead country without space to live life. It is a model city for the globalists in keeping people confined to cities working themselves to death for crumbs.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Legal Tender, Fiat Currencies are NOT Money

Singapore dollar is not real money, its legal tender (says so on the note) that like most paper currencies are attached to the US dollar. 

Eventually all paper currencies not backed by a hard stabilizing asset like gold (hard to dig out and process, hence a stable measure of value) will go to zero. 

It will go to zero even faster in war time like the Japanese banana note.

You have to wonder why they use plastic over paper for $2,$5 and $10 denominations. Maybe because our money is getting less and less of value of being printed on good quality paper that it now has to be mass printed on cheaper plastic? 

Smaller the denomination = larger the number of notes for that denomination.

Look up Mike Maloney's 'Hidden Secrets of Money' on Youtube. Knowledge is Power.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

LaRouchePAC The Basement - Einstein and Nature’s “Mysterious Comprehensibility”

Brain Food - Humanity and the Universe

The US/Israeli War OF Terror in Syria by The CrowHouse

Video by Max Igan of 'The CrowHouse'

Could have used additional stuff on airstrikes and cruise missile strikes by Russian Air Force and Navy + Marines as key to turning around this nightmare, not just 'selling planes to Iraq to fight the Daesh'. 

Again the same mistake made in this video as with many in the alt media by using the Ancient Khemet's name for the Divine Feminine 'Isis' to name a group made up of pieces of human shit.

rwise this is great for people with attention span of a goldfish and an unforgivable level of ignorance, of which unfortunately there are still MANY.

Friday, 9 September 2016

Fireside Chat with Megan Beets, September 1, 2016 - Manned Space Exploration, etc

Megan Beets of LaRouchePAC's The Science Team on the Lunar Far Side and the US Manned Space Program that should have been.

A caller at 1:05:30 called 'Karen' from Austin, Texas calls in about restarting the United States space program, and mentions China's space progress while running an authoritarian repressive system on the population.

The reply given by Megan Beets at 1:08:10 is to 'cancel Wall Street and firing Obama', which is not actionable as a solution. This is why 'Karen' laughs in response. Disappointing but just another statement of reality of how far the western-oriented system has sunk.

'Wall Street' isn't limited to Wall Street and Obama is a Cabal owned puppet. Hidden groups are in charge of the state apparatus to arrest and kill anyone who tries to change the system. Lyndon LaRouche found this out the hard way and was jailed in the 1990s by the neo-Nazis running the US government.

Congress which voted to cancel further funding for the Apollo program in 1969 will not be trusted to reinstate Glass Steagall, or listen to another 'Occupy' movement, or listen to requests to remove one puppet of the shadow government with another puppet because none of the public faces of government are in charge.

Those who believe in a political solution are under mind control.

The exposure of the fake awakening movement and the further exposure of the level of infiltration by Counter-Intelligence-Program-trained agents like Ken O' Keefe in the alt-media in August-September 2016 has taken out the momentum and will by the has-been alt community to carry out further projects at disengaging the matrix of control.

This is the problem of LaRouche PAC.This organization has brilliant people with a decent group dedicated to science and philosophy, yet they don't seem to acknowledge the control grip of the shadow government.  

A majority of the population has been lobotomized beyond the point of caring other than what shows up in their phones and Ipads or what they want to buy or eat, so a solution at the early stages will have to be independent of mass support and only when it produces solid results will then there will be some chance of gaining further traction that can then be relied on for future stages in action. See also how crowdfunding done correctly works.

So far having listened to about 80% of LaRouchePAC's uploaded videos. Great
ideas with their recorded policy committee discussions and weekly webcasts but spinning their wheels talking the same things and numerous team members repeatedly mentioning progressive thinkers like Krafft Ehricke and Liebnitz versus the likes of Bertrand Russell and other regressive thinkers. Rarely has their discussions progressed beyond that scope

The PAC is going nowhere because its very status as a 'political action committee' means it is stuck in the political sphere of solutions-to-nowhere.

Again, those who believe in a political solution are still under mind control.

A group going on a fixed set of beliefs and objectives in a bunker mentality will surely conflict with individual goals and desires. Never lasts in the long term and that is why joining a group is a major step backwards in this day and age.

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Ken O Keefe World Citizen Scam and the End of the Alt Media Community

Lots of drama with Ken being handed the rope to hang himself in his recent pathetic appearance on the Richie Allen Show that hardly inspired confidence. People wondering why a once highly respected figure in the alt community now buying himself an address on an island in the Caribbean where one can choose to be declared legally dead and acquire a new name and does not have legal extradition treaties. The perfect place to go when starting a fraud.

We have seen it all before, and nothing has really changed. People are easily manipulated. What really marvels the observer is the same behavior patterns that one sees online and in real life.

The social engineers and operatives working with the likes of the Tavistock Institute, the Club of Rome, the major intelligence services, etc only have to modify how its going to be turned on the masses to get them to move as a herd.

Its over for the alt media community. The rot had already started noticeably as far back as the failure of the TPV.

Then it became more obvious when thousands in the community got involved in the dead-end debate on the shape of the planet.

The alt media community made the mistake of believing that just throwing out obfuscated and hidden truths would be enough, not realizing the matrix has ways and means of using what makes us human as a weapon against us through its intelligence services. Our emotions are our weakness.

Its a piece of cake when they already know how to do it with ads getting us to buy their commercial shite.

The alt media community made that mistake and is paying the price for it. 

Its been said before that the alt media was on its last legs and as good as dead. 
[ ]

It doesn't matter where one draws the mark on the timeline and says that this was the point where it started, as we have reached the terminal point.

All one has to do is to sit back and watch the process as the alt media implodes on itself. Give up on there ever being a mass awakening. The trust is dead, the momentum is dead, and the rest of the mainstream couldn't care less.

If there is a lesson to be learned from this is we haven't learned our lesson well enough about not dependent on leaders.