Saturday, 18 January 2014

David Icke on the potential end of TPV - THIS IS NOT A GAME

Goddamn I didn't feel this down in a long while. I was one of those 10,000 or so who were repeat donors, donating 10, 15 pounds even without a job, and bought his book Remember Who You Are and just pre-ordered The Perception Deception. I see what's coming as well. I know what its like to be under the rule of control freaks, i.e. when I was drafted in the army.

He speaks truth, as Mark Passio says. How this guy manages to go on 20 years, doing well documented books since the Biggest Secret, well documented and well sourced books. Despite tons of appeals for donations, after successfully launching the first independent TV channel, and its gone after barely the start of 2014.

I remember when he said 2016 was the year of the full awakening, but only if the True Great Work, like what The People's Voice epitomizes, is carried out to the full.

I don't want to live in this nightmare police state. I don't deserve it. And no one else does. Stop spreading those dumbass rumours about him being a multi-millionaire, and stop saying he's just taking people's money, because NONE of this is true, but of course sensationalism seems to run the idiocy of the gollum husks who nitpick and criticize every fucking small detail when in the end when the global police state comes in and slams shut 'the cell door' and none of that bullshit will matter.

Think long and hard, humanity. Do you really want to be free, or just do smack-talk about it?