Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Transport Fare Hike Protest on Saturday January 25th, 2014, 5pm at Hong Lim Park (near Chinatown MRT), Singapore

Its time arses and sofas part company. There is a clear collusion going on with the Transport Ministry and the two companies. The hubris that they can do whatever they want without informing the taxpayers where their money is being put to.

But this is what government is really about. All forms of government is slavery. Anarchy is NOT about creating violence in the streets, destroying property, etc. Anarchy is basically Anti-archy, Vs Mon-archy, and Oli-garchy (government).

Anarchy: No Masters, No Rulers. We govern ourselves, self-regulate, something like the internet when a moron like Anton Casey opened his gutter mouth and did an epic self-pwnage that he's now having his arse served on a silver platter.

Anyway, back to the topic. The train services have deteriorated sharply. Passenger comfort levels are pathetic, with trains frequently braking all of a sudden even halfway through a station platform when the line is straight and clear ahead.

Replies to my complaints show some percentage of the staff assigned as customer service do not know their jobs.

One of my first complaints was about the malfunctioning platform screen doors, i.e. the doors are not closing fully, forcing the train driver to repeatedly open and close the train doors, effectively trying to "reboot" the platform screen doors. The customer service officer replying to this complaint insisted it was about doors staying open due to obstructions caused by passengers passing through the doorway during closing. I have seen at least twice instances where the platform screen doors do not close fully. In one case at Raffles Place MRT westbound, the platform screen door did not close fully, and the train moved off anyway, when there's a fail safe system that prevents the trains moving off unless the doors are fully closed. I reported this to the station staff at the station I got off.

Either way, the system is breaking down from overuse and definitely overcrowding. The argument that breakdowns and price fare hikes are not related to each other is like the argument that one does not have a refund for a malfunctioning product. The breakdowns and poor service has EVERYTHING to do with the insanity of price fare hikes and forcing us to pay more in exchange for deteriorating goods, or I should say, 'bads'.

Overcrowding also significantly increases the risk of pathogens such as outbreaks of drug resistant Tuberculosis, incoming from the mass influx of foreign immigrants, as well as more common instances of oxygen deprivation and fainting cases.

In light of the above and more, am I a nut and a mental case for not wanting to pay for increased fare hikes?

There are those who may think, what's the point of protesting, its already done and gone.

Resistance to tyranny is obedience to the Divine Universe.