Sunday, 13 April 2014

The Smartphone, The Ipad, The Ipod, the I-Shit

The mobile phone was invented to make life easier. It was made to make it possible to make an emergency phone call from an area where no payphones exist.

Instead its evolved into a device that has become the new distraction for the masses. It has become the over-encompassing device over modern man's life, at least for the dumbed down masses that choose to distract themselves with dehumanizing texting and media texting. The alternative media screams about the TV box, but the smartphone and ipad, the latest abomination to evolve out of the abomination of mobile communications devices, has really overtaken the TV as the NEW DISTRACTION.

'Judge a tree by the fruit it bears,' - Jesus

Look around to see the effects of smartphones and we see the true intentions behind those who promote these things. Calling and texting have become the lesser functions of a phone. Instead online socializing, video games, apps involved in shopping and transactions have hooked users both young and old.

This has translated into people who don't even look at you while talking to them. This has translated into people walking into oncoming traffic with smartphones up to their faces. This has translated into whole families looking down at their phones instead of talking to each other. The entire thing smells of dehumanization and a tiptoe down to a transhumanist agenda, started first by getting people to be disconnected from each other emotionally, and accept artificial impersonal aspects.

Calling on the phone has become a potential brain cancer causing activity. Limit your activity on your phone to just texting, and no more than total fifteen minutes of your day.