Thursday, 1 October 2015

2012-Mayan Calendar Moves North (Full Length) by Ian Xel Lungold

Video was done somewhere around 2003-2004. Predictions of 2007 suggesting Extra Terrestrial contact on a mass scale, teleportation, and a more Utopian world with money exerting less influence over people's lives in this video didn't happen the way it was expected or were aborted by the interference of the Powers that Should Not Be.

However 2007 and 2008 (5th Day and 5th Night) did demonstrate to the world the lengths banks were willing to go to screw over the people with massive bailouts as a reward for creating the problem in the first place and showed the masses that governments were taking their orders from banks. There has been no economic recovery since then. All figures from US economic data are fraudulent. 2011 onwards (entire Universal cycle according to Lungold and final 260 days of the old 5,128 year cycle) showed larger groups of mass Awakening, and attempts to exist outside of the corporate system and the matrix.

Its 4 years since October 28th 2011. September 2015 saw the Russian Federation and China demonstrate the United Nations 70th General Assembly their willingness to stand up to the tyranny of the western banking system with Obama made to look like the insane dangerous war-monger.

The pressure gauges of the western financial system are in the red and will keep doing so until a bad 'blip' on the financial screens causes a devastat-ownage of the global financial paper market system in an analogically similar way to the Piper Alpha North Sea oil rig going up in flames in 1988.