Sunday, 10 April 2016

Arts is Subverted and Destroyed by the Psychopathic Control Grid

David Wilcock had an article on the Panama 'Toilet' Papers, but a good chunk of it was promoting his new book The Ascension Mysteries. I don't know about ETs and UFOs but this stood out in the full article:

"It is truly sad that the Cabal has completely wiped out the survivability of the arts in general -- music, journalism, writing, acting, painting, sculpture, you name it."

This is the case in a city-state like Singapore. The arts scene is largely subverted. Arts that were expressions of rebellion like music and graffiti artists are being used to further the usual state propaganda talking points and agendas. 

That is the common way you make money in the arts scene here, selling your soul to the system. We are in a socialist system that ensures the citizenry follows a certain way of group thinking so the psychopath control system stays running.

The city-state has no natural resources and therefore highly dependent on imports and global trade, both which are being affected by the current economic climate. 

This forces it to depend on white collar skills and relevant technical expertise like engineering and science to ensure its survival. Arts is given a token amount of attention. Those who are awake see right through the tone-deaf facade that the establishment calls 'art'.

It would be great if all of us were expert left-brainers who liked the sciences and technical subjects. Problem is the globalization scam has put us in unwarranted competition with other nations, ensuring that one must be genuinely passionate in one's work to even begin to join the competition. 

The reality is there are those of us who are more right-brained and artistic than others and therefore may not want to spend their whole lives doing a job in a left-brained industry favored by the economic priorities of this corporate state.

As a result artists here have to dedicate at least a good half of their lives working at a job to ensure a steady income, if they aren't the business or entrepreneurial type. Not all of us are like that, contrary to the rhetoric coming out of The Secret psy-op and other related self-improvement pop psychology and their exorbitant seminar fees. 

In fact artists who are true to themselves are less likely to monetize their work. If they do its about surviving in a world that worships the golden calf, the religion of money.

In reality the Singapore urban landscape is dominated with blandness and cheap imitation of uninspiring 'art' on shopping mall facades. There are now on average one neighborhood shopping mall for every residential cluster, with major suburban hubs outside the city with least 4 mega shopping malls right next to each other. 

Inside these shopping malls are mostly franchise outlets that exists in another shopping mall less than three miles away. Differences in external and internal building facades and cladding are superficial. The slightly better versions in the subway train station-based art have little spirit or meaning in them.

The real arts scene of this country consists of cloned shopping malls, cloned residential neighborhoods and occupied by people looking the 4" x 2" black-screen-of-slow-death, animated by brain-damaging wifi radiation.

A bland culture does not last and destroys a population like slow-kill cancer virus.

David Wilcock goes on to the rest of his article feeling great that his book has gotten very popular in Amazon. Good for him that he has an audience. This part of the New Age stuff doesn't go down well with some, and with good reason. 

Not all of us have experienced what he has. Our sense of reality is based on our experience, not all of it good. Positive thinking with one's head in the clouds is a form of dangerous naivete and ignorance.

'Cynicism is a hot butter knife that cuts through the bullshit.' - Thomas Sheridan